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Company Details
Stanlaw Abbey Business Centre
Dover Drive, Ellesmere Port
Cheshire CH65 9BF
Tel: 01244 953633
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GCSE Maths.
Group Tuition
We'll post details here of the groups we are running soon
We run GCSE online maths tuition in small groups (a maximum of 4 students) With seperate higher and foundation groups you can be certain you'll only be covering what's going to be on your exam! Our sessions cost just £15.
One to one Tuition
We also run one to one online GCSE maths tuition. One to one tuition costs £40 per session. Please call or email us to discuss or arrange tuition.
Our Background
We are two teachers who are qualified in mathematics and qualified, trained and experienced in teaching mathematics. We are focused on the GCSE and A-Level examinations working for a major exam board and also work as Professional Development Leads for the NCETM delivering training on the best teaching practises to other teachers. Above all this allows us to see the 'big picture' - we know where you need to get to and how to get you there.
Maths is very much a subject where understanding one topic is often dependent on understanding another so, like a line of dominoes, as soon as there's a hiccup in one area it causes difficulties in everything that follows. However, it does mean that once the area of difficulty has been identifed and addressed, a lot of things will fall into place.
"Moved up two sets which was an incredible boost for my daughter"  HM (GCSE 9-1 Higher Paper)
Our priority is always to ensure our students acheive their goals, whether that be a safe grade 4/5 or a top grade that reflects a stronger student's ability. 
"Excellent hints and tips, daughter passed GCSE - highly recommended!" KB (GCSE Foundation Paper)
The new 9-1 specification.
The new 9-1 specification has been described by the government as a 'once in a generation change'. In fact it's been a bigger change than many were expecting and certainly much more than simply a reorganisaition of topics and change to the grading structure. We've delivered training to maths teachers on precisely what these changes are - we understand what skills are needed to competently tackle the new exam and work hard to develop them in our students.
"Learnt helpful techniques for solving problems. This has helped improve her grade"   Barbera (Higher 9-1 Paper)



Why do we promote small group work rather than one to one tuition?

Many parents request one to one tuition yet we believe that students learn better in small groups. Current educational research agrees that co-operative small group work is beneficial to learning as:


       students build on each otherís ideas through maths talk

       it encourages reasoning and problem solving  (essential for the new 9-1 maths GCSE)

      it has a positive effect on social skills and developing confidence


Julie, our lead GCSE tutor, was a leading mathematics teacher in schools and a GCSE maths teacher in F.E. As a professional development lead with NCETM, where much of the training is based around collaborative learning using a variety of different approaches and materials, she is best placed to enable students to achieve their potential, while learning in small groups.

Her calm and patient approach to teaching maths engenders a good rapport with students, while her experience of teaching the foundations of mathematics in primary education, along with having studied maths at university, means that she can effectively support students to make good progress.

We use enjoyable group tasks that are accessible and extendable. This means that all of our students can do something and therefore feel confident about their maths ability however these tasks also offer challenge so that our students make progress. Of course, this means that a group will work on the same topic but our experience tells us that students generally find the same topics difficult. We carefully match the needs and ability of each student when assigning them to a group so that they can achieve their maximum potential. In the event of a student requiring more individual support then we would recommend one to one tuition in these circumstances.

My daughter achieved A * (Grade 9) in Maths for GCSE and it remains her favourite subject thanks to Julie.
Ask about our online tuition service. As qualified teachers experienced in delivering the full GCSE and A-Level syllabus we can keep your studies on track. And if the school is setting you school work we can help with that too.